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SUV Sportsman Cargo Cabinet

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Click-SUV Cargo Cabinet-One Drawer

Ever wish that you could find an inexpensive way to organize stuff that clutters the back of your SUV?  Do you want to be able to haul bigger cargo without unloading all the smaller stuff?  Do you hunt or shoot and need a way to carry firearms and gear securely and out of the way?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then the SUV Sportsman Cargo Cabinet is the answer for you!

Five-Button Simplex Combination Lock (optional)

Five-Button Simplex Combination Lock (optional)


Storage cabinets are a great way to organize the back of your SUV while still maintaining a functional cargo area.

Pull out workstation.


Accomodates the needs of individuals, professionals and families.
Firearms, photography equipment, collectibles and electronics.


All Dividers are removable and adjustable.



These locking cargo cabinets create secure storage for hunting and fishing gear, tools, sports equipment, and much more.


Make your SUV more fun and functional.  Add secure storage for your hunting equipment.

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